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The initial purpose of Nailkita-Designs is to promote stock illustrations available at as well as selling illustrations and photographs which are available for purchase at the Store Powered by Zazzle. The blog and gallery will also be used to promote and gain feedback on the creation of Dragon’s Horde as well as any future games.

As Nailkita-Designs grows and as the Artist improves, it is expected that ND will move away from using the Zazzle store and start selling custom items – anywhere from prints and posters to t-shirts and mugs.

About the Artist

Nailkita-Designs is the side project of Kilian Walker.

A Graphic Designer by day, Kilian spends most of her time working in HTML/CSS and Flash doing front end interactive work for a large virtualization software company. By night she likes to unwind playing video games, watching far too much Food Network, and creating things.

Having recently taken a workshop on HTML5 Game Design she has put a lot more focus on concepts for her own games, as well as a new-found love of pixel art.

Pixel Art Self Portrait



Contact Details

Kilian Walker, Provisional RGD