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Dragon’s Horde – HTML5 Game

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Dragon’s Horde – HTML5 Game

A Little Background

No matter how busy your schedule is, it’s good to make time in the day to learn something new. While I have created some flash children’s games during college they were very simple and didn’t really stretch the capabilities of flash or my own abilities.

At the end of April this year FITC held a workshop on HTML5 Game creation and I was inspired. It was run by Interactive Developer: Jesse Freeman and it really helped me step back into the realm of game design. He went over the basics on how to come up with ideas, how to create the game design document so you have a plan and so you can actually finish your game. He has a book on HTML5 Game Development available on Amazon.

The framework that it is using is ImpactJS; which I would recommend if you want to really get into creating HTML5 Games. It’s the only framework I’ve found with a good community and a level creator. Though it is not a free framework at the price of 99$. That workshop gave me the push I needed to start work on Dragon’s Horde.

What’s the Plan?

So, Dragon’s Horde is inspired equally by Megaman, Super Mario and Gauntlet Legends. It’s a platformer with monsters coming from spawn points, and you will need to defeat all the spawn points to continue on to the next level. It will also have an experience and spell system to customize your game play. You can play as a male wizard or a female witch, the choice affects which spells you are initially stronger with as well as your starting health. You will then go through 5 zones of increasing difficulty to a final end boss.

Zones from Left to Right: Forest, Water, Mountain, Volcano, Castle

Zones from Left to Right: Forest, Water, Mountain, Volcano, Castle

Where is it Now?

Right now I’m focusing on Concept Art for the Characters and Monsters. I’ve done the basic gameplay programming for the player, the player’s spells, moving platforms, monsters with their spawn points, and instant death spikes. If you want you can play with it a bit here the controls are simple:

  • A – Run Left
  • D – Run Right
  • W – Jump
  • SPACE – Shoot
  • TAB – Toggle Spell (Lightning, Fire, Ice)

If you are playing it, I recommend you use the Fire () or Ice () Spells as the Lightning() Spell is closer range and none of the spells have yet to be programmed with the effects that will make them unique.

The test version is simply for play testing the platforming of the game as I wanted to make that the main focus for the challenge in the game with the monsters and spells a secondary nuisance.

Where is it Going?

Once I’ve finished with all of the concept art I will have to focus again on the background components, coming up with what the leveling system should work like so that I can experiment with balancing the 3 spells:

  • Fire: Medium strength spell with a  damage over time effect
  • Ice: Weak spell that slows enemy movement for a short period of time
  • Lightning: Strong, but short range spell (may add a piercing effect eventually)

Once that’s started to balance out, I’ll change the monsters so they separate into 3 types.

  • Walkers: They run into you to hurt you. (ie: goomba)
  • Jumpers: They jump around and are fairly dumb. (ie: winged koopa)
  • Ranged: These walk much slower, but will shoot when the player is in range. (ie: hammer bros.)

And then it’s all about designing the most challenging platforms I can think of.

And for You

Once Dragon’s Horde is complete, I will have it posted here on, free to play and provide feedback, there’s no point in creating a game just for yourself, if it’s not fun, too hard or too easy I want to know and I look forward to suggestions that will make it as well as any future games more fun and enjoyable to play.

 Related Images

Health Bar, Level/Stats Screen, Spell Toggle

Health Bar, Level/Stats Screen, Spell Toggle

Female Player Caracter

Female Player Caracter


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