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Launch of

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Launch of

Welcome to the Nailkita-Designs Blog

The Artist

I am Kilian Walker and Nailkita-Designs is a side project of mine. My day job is as a Graphic Designer doing front end interactive work for a large virtualization software company. During my evenings I like to unwind playing video games, watching far too much Food Network, and creating things. Having recently taken a workshop on HTML5 Game Design I’ve gained a bit of drive to start creating games of my own.

The Website

The initial purpose of Nailkita-Designs is to promote stock illustrations available at as well as selling illustrations and photographs which are available for purchase at the Store Powered by Zazzle. As Nailkita-Designs grows and as I improve, it is expected that ND will move away from using the Zazzle store and start selling custom items – anywhere from prints and posters to t-shirts and mugs. That is entirely up to any build up of a community and the feedback I receive.

The Blog

There are 4 Categories that I intend to cover through my weekly blog posts:

  1. Current Project Status – These will be posts detailing specific projects I’m working on and an opportunity for readers to provide feedback on the direction I’m taking the project. Specifically with my game design.
  2. Featured – Posts of the featured category will be illustrations and in some cases photography that I feel really needs to be highlighted. This is also a great opportunity for feedback on what types of merchandise you as a reader would like to see the illustration/photograph on.
  3. How To – I use mostly the Adobe Creative Suite for my projects and these posts will provide tips and tricks or full detailed tutorials on how to use technology to get the most out of your art. I will also be providing tutorials for creating your first game, and maybe even how to finish one.
  4. Doodles – These will not have one set goal to accomplish but will usually provide knowledge on how the creative process works. I’m sure I’m not the only one out there mocked for drawing random dragons and squirrels on post-it notes and leaving them all over their desk.

I look forward to your feedback

I will be sure to check the comments regularly but if you’d like to get in contact with me directly you can always use the contact form.

I appreciate comments specifically related to the topic at the time, if you have criticism please make sure it’s constructive if you think “This Sucks”, tell me why.

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